The ACF Vimeo Plugin



Plugin to add a Vimeo field to ACF. This lets you easily handle video content via Vimeo pro.



This plugin enables you to use a Vimeo Pro Account to host your videos and make it easy for you or your customers to upload them via Advanced Custom Fields. You get a “Vimeo Video Upload” Field Type in your ACF Backend. Here you add the access Data from Vimeo pro. Once a video is uploaded through your form and rendered on Vimeo it is available to you as any other field in ACF.  

works with

ACF 5+
(older versions are currently not supported)

What you need to do on Vimeo

you will need to register an App. Description can be found here: in the section “Register your app”

once registered and cleared for upload, you get your Client ID, Client Secret and access token.